Weather stations, what are you for?

News 02:11 November 2019:

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What is a weather? We usually tend to say that weather is the same than climate but these two things are way different. Climate is the changes of weather for long period of time. While weather is the state of the atmosphere. An example of weather is, is it hot or cold? rainy or sunny? Knowing the weather is one of the most important things to know. So you can be ready on what you will do, in case of emergencies. But how can we predict the weather? Meteorologist can predict weather and their changes using different kind of tools. These tool are use to measure, locate then they will analyze what they got from the specific tool. Weather forecast or knowing the weather is always not just a guess. You should have the knowledge because these kind of things cannot be controlled nor created by meteorologists or by any human beings.


But what are weather stations? These kind of stations where meteorologists perform certain activities using different kind of tools to know the weather. These stations can be at land or sea. These kind of stations provide information about the changes of weather at different times. The tool use can measure the temperature, the humidity, the changes of wind speed, the direction of the wind, the pressure of the atmosphere, and the precipitation. Meteorologists do manual observations and automated measurements. There are different kinds of instruments that are used by stations. The thermometer, it is used for measuring the air surface temperature. Second is the Barometer, it is used in measuring pressure in the atmosphere. Third is hygrometer, for measuring the humidity. Fourth is the anemometer, it is used for measuring the wind speed. Fifth is the rain gauge it is used for measuring liquid precipitation. Ceilometers, the sixth one, is used for measuring the cloud ceiling. The seventh, Transmissiometer, is for measuring visibility. Eight, the disdrometer, for measuring the drop size distribution. Lastly the pyranometer, for the measurement of solar radiation.


Weather station collects data that are related to weather using more instruments. They are also called weather centers, either personal, professional, home weather station. Some stations uses more complicated kinds of instruments for knowing the weather. As years goes by a lot of new instruments are invented. There are different types of stations. The home station and personal station is one in the list. This kind of weather station consist of a plain thermometer and hygrometer. There is a standalone temperature and humidity sensor. This is a digital type because when you use the analog type it is like a clock. This digital one can be a lot easier and convenient. These thermo-hygrometers is not just for displaying the temperature and humidity it can also display the time and date. Professional weather stations, this is the most popular type of weather stations. It is built with durability, accuracy in mind and reliability. They should meet the standards of international meteorological and they should also pass the accuracy that is required. There are more types of weather stations.


These kind of things are complicated and needs a lot of learning’s, knowledge about these kind of things is very important. But why is it important? What are these stations for? Simply. Because the weather affects you. The big features affect the small ones and the small ones affect the big ones. You’ll need to know about this because you should and you care about the current news and everything. Specially so you’ll know the status of you environment, the status of your community, the status of where you live. These stations are important because it helps you know what to wear, either if it’s cold or hot. Helps people bring extra thing like umbrellas. Helps you plan outdoor activities, because it’s not nice to have a picnic on rainy days. Helps people with health issues plain their day. It helps companies what will plan trips, so they will know when and where will they do it. It helps the farmers and the people who garden to plan for their crops. Helps you plan your outing or you vacation. And lastly, it makes an uncertain future a little more certain.