Periscope Hearts Becoming More Interesting

News 03:11 November 2019:

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A famous and loved live streaming app that is preferred by many social networking sites users these days is periscope. This is owned by Twitter and actually the main reason why lots of people are so keen with this app is because it allows them to watch and share live video broadcasts using any mobile gadget you prefer.
What is more, you can even add periscope hearts to your own video right after you’re done streaming it. It is delighting to know that you can also add hearts by simply tapping the screen at the time you are watching the video. In reality, more and more people like it very much since they can see the adorable hearts appear with every single tap. Not only that, you may also transmit as many hearts as you wish through consistently tapping and happily observe it burst into a shower of very cute hearts.
Perhaps, not everyone is aware that it is also possible to add likes or periscope hearts to any replay or real time broadcast through simply tapping the screen but this is also done using an iPhone.