How to attract Periscope Followers from Scratch

News 02:11 November 2019:

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It doesn’t take long to attract your first dozen of periscope followers if you are committed to create good content for your broadcasts. But first, you must launch the app on your mobile phone be logged in to do anything active on periscope. If you are not on twitter, you will have to sign up with your mobile phone, which takes just a couple of minutes. After logging in you are taken to your dashboard, where you can see a list of all the people you already follow, or an icon that directs you to start making live broadcasts.

If you want to start attracting periscope followers on a high note, ensure that you a write an interesting note of what you are about to broadcast so that more people can see it and get prepared to listen to you. Again, make your broadcasts public during your first few weeks or months on periscope so that you can have a wider audience. Finally, after making a broadcast, make sure that you share it on twitter. There are many people on both twitter and periscope, and most of your followers on twitter will likely follow you on periscope you share your broadcasts.