Are you guessing on how you can get more twitter retweets?

News 02:11 November 2019:

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Are you guessing on how you can get more twitter retweets and what are you going to do to improve the chance of having more retweets? Here are some effortless and convinient ways to get more twitter retweets.

Talk about twitter

People are going to retweet your post if it mentions twitter, they are going to retweet it more if you compared it to other social media networks because who does not like any drama, right?

Focus on the popular content

When you are going to sit on your bed get relaxed and you will think of something that you can retweet, you should always think of something that is popular,that is in the trend. For example is the news, what is happening inside and out of your country. Some useful tweets, give them some useful life hacks. Or you can tweet something about you favorite show! Baketball, fashion, drama or anything. Then, you can have a small talk on the comment section bellow, that way yo can gain retweets and even friends!

Dont talk about yourself

Tweets that have a content that is self-reference are retweeted less. Because why would they retweet the post about how you feel? Maybe if they feel what  you feel, maybe you’ll have a chance to make that post retweeted. So talk about others, about the news and issues or anything, but just not about yourself.

Add more to you tweets

Well, who doesn’t love being extra? You should always add some hastags, numbers, quotes on you tweet. No one likes a boring tweet right? Add more videos and photos! it is more better.


Tweets with more capital letter have more possibility to gain twitter retweets. But do not use all caps because that is not a good thing to retweet. Use your common sense because you dont want your TWEET TO BE IN ALL CAPS RIGHT?

Show Enthusiasm

Well, you may not be so comfortable using a lot of emotions on you posts, using exclamation marks can really increase the possibility to get retweets. Dont be afraid to use exclamation points because it can attract more users in retweeting your post!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Include a number

Well, simply just add numbers on your twitter tweet. Tweets with numbers usually gets more retweets than those that does not have enough one. Just dont put some of you mathimathecal equations because it can really blow up students minds.

Tweet at the optimal times

Twitting on weekends can increase the chances of getting at twitter retweet, but tweeting during work hours, well that is not a good thing to do.

Use Mentions

The more the mentions you use, the higher the chance that you post will get retweeted.

Use Links

Studies have confirmed that using links in your tweets most of the time can really increase the chance of having more twitter retweets.

Be a retweeter yourself

When you are kind and generous, you should always retweet some posts on you wall.