4 Super Ideas of what you can post and attract many likes and followers on Instagram

News 03:11 November 2019:

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Instagram is a fascinating social network. Unlike Facebook or twitter, Instagram lets everyone tell their story through images, and whoever tells their story the best way gets the highest amount of Instagram likes. Sometimes however you may feel disappointed by the instagram community, especially when you work hard by posting photos regularly and you get few likes. There is a way out however, which is positing what people like to see.

To start with, post a few selfies when you look your best. Take selfies enjoying beer with friends, selfies of you holding your pet or with playing baseball. And when you get tired, start creating memes. People love viewing funny memes, and they cans rely give you thousands of instagram likes. But if you are not a meme fun, make short video clips about your business or about whatever it is that you like. Finally, if you seriously want many likes, post #tbt photos, especially photos from way back when you were young.